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    Love Letters to Play RRP £19.99 Our Price £17.99! save 10%!

    Greg Bottrill, Stephanie Cook


    2022 Sage Publications

    Love Letters to Play explores and cherishes the power of play. It is centred around the transformational power of play to empower children to understand both their own identities and the world around them. The book presents inspirational and thought-provoking words from across the word to open-up our thinking about play and childhood.

    School and the Magic of Children

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    Greg Bottrill


    2020 Sage Publications

    In this book, I share with you an alternative to the ‘school’ of today. A way of creating the conditions for you to go on an adventure with children. Education should not be a predetermined journey with map already drawn, with no ability to leave the path or pause. It should be a co-adventure.

    This co-adventure can only take place when we take the first step into the unknown. This can feel daunting and can open us up to questions and uncertainty. However, once we do take that first step, an adventure lies ahead like no other – an adventure so magical that it can and will change everything. And the reason that this adventure is so special is that it will take you into the very soul of children and of yourself.

    In these pages, I offer you an invitation. It comes from my head and heart to speak to yours. It is not didactic. It is a way to create the conditions for the magic of children to thrive.

    - Greg

    Can I Go and Play Now?: Rethinking the Early Years

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    Greg Bottrill


    2nd Ed. 2022 Sage Publications

    In this book, Greg Bottrill explores how he ensures that, in his Early Years setting, continuous provision enables children. He shares his Early Years pedagogy through the ′3Ms′ and explains how to apply these in the classroom. Greg also explores the definition of play – what it is and what it isn’t – and the challenging role of the Early Years teacher.