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    Early Years Assessment: Physical Development

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    Moving and Handling

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    Trudi Fitzhenry, Karen Murphy


    2017 Featherstone Education

    Physical development underpins much of a child's later educational advancement. Without good coordination, core stability and gross motor skills the fine motor skills needed for tool handling and writing may not fully develop. Each aspect of physical development is interlinked with a child's future success as a learner.

    This book contains practical, easy to follow suggestions linked to the ages and stages of the Early Years Outcomes. It offers clear information on what to look for in terms of the child's developing moving and handling skills and how to plan for next steps. Each section is colour coded and links the Early Years Outcomes to the planning cycle and Characteristics of Effective Learning.

    It contains a wide range of additional activities and an assessment grid to support practitioners' current tracking systems and help demonstrate progress over a specific period of time.