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    [Molly Potter]

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    Molly Potter is a bestselling author of books that aim to help children navigate life’s tricky bits. We are pleased to offer this special pack of her most popular titles, with extra discount, post-free

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    It's OK to Cry RRP £10.99 Our Price £9.89! save 10%!


    2020 Featherstone Education

    Written with boys in mind because they are often encouraged to suppress their feelings, Molly Potter covers a whole range of emotions from those that are uncomfortable to happy feelings where you care about yourself and other people. Includes colourful illustrations, child-friendly strategies, and vocabulary for managing feelings, and helpful notes for parents, carers and practitioners.

    How are you feeling today? RRP £10.99 Our Price £9.89! save 10%!


    2014 Featherstone Education

    Perfect for sharing, How Are You Feeling Today? is packed with fun, imaginative ways to help children understand and cope with a whole range of different emotions.

    How Are You Feeling Today? Activity and Sticker Book RRP £5.99 Our Price £5.39! save 10%!


    This delightful activity book, based on Molly Potter's bestselling title How Are You Feeling Today?, is filled with lively illustrations and engaging activities about dealing with a whole range of emotions, from excitement and happiness to shyness and jealousy. With useful tips for parents and carers about delivering emotional literacy at the front of the book, this activity and sticker book will help children get to grips with their emotions on a daily basis.

    Let's Talk About the Birds and the Bees RRP £12.99 Our Price £11.69! save 10%!


    Featherstone Education

    This books uses clear, easy to understand language to answer complex questions about sex and relationships and covers all manner of tricky subjects from puberty to consent with delicate accuracy and honesty. Filled with bright, fun illustrations and helpful advice for parents and carers, Let's Talk About the Birds and Bees is the perfect book for explaining the facts of life to small children.

    What's Going On Inside My Head?: Starting conversations with your child about positive mental health RRP £10.99 Our Price £9.89! save 10%!


    2019 Featherstone Education

    What's Going On Inside My Head? is a book for children that explores practical ways we can keep our minds in good shape as well as our bodies. By talking about positive self-image, emotional intelligence, relationships and mindfulness, this book will help children develop healthy habits and good coping strategies from the start. Presented in a warm, child-friendly but no-nonsense way it will help establish solid foundations for every child s current and future wellbeing.

    What's Worrying You? RRP £9.99 Our Price £8.99! save 10%!


    2018 Featherstone Education

    What's worrying you? With fun and lively illustrations from Sarah Jennings, gentle guidance on developing emotional literacy, and simple advice for tackling problems they might face, What's worrying you? is the perfect book for helping children deal with those trickier feelings and gain confidence in the world around them.

    Will You be My Friend? RRP £10.99 Our Price £9.89! save 10%!


    2017 Featherstone Education

    Practical advice on helping children understand how to be a true friend and what helps and what hinders friendships. Will You Be My Friend? is ideal for starting conversations about making friends and includes a guide for parents and carers about supporting a child if they are having friendship difficulties.