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    Neuroscience for Teachers: Applying research evidence from brain science

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    Richard Churches et al


    2017 Crown House

    By surveying a wide range of evidence in specific areas such as metacognition, memory, mood and motivation, the teenage brain and how to cater for individual differences, 'Neuroscience for Teachers' shares relevant, up-to-date information to provide a suitable bridge for teachers to transfer the untapped potential of neuroscientific findings into practical classroom approaches. The key issues, challenges and research are explained in clear language that doesn t assume a prior level of knowledge on the topic that would otherwise make it inaccessible therefore enabling more teachers to better comprehend the lessons from neuroscience while the authors also take care to expose the ways in which neuromyths can arise in education in order to help them avoid these pitfalls.

    Laid out in an easy-to-use format, each chapter features: Research Zones highlighting particular pieces of research with a supplementary insight into the area being explored; Reflection sections that give you something to think about, or suggest something you might try out in the classroom; and concluding Next steps that outline how teachers might incorporate the findings into their own practice. The authors have also included a glossary of terms covering the book s technical vocabulary to aid the development of teachers literacy in the field of neuroscience.