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    Supporting Boys' Writing in the Early Years: Becoming a writer in leaps and bounds

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    Julie Cigman


    2014 Routledge

    How do we give young children a ‘writers’ voice’ and allow them to become creative and inspired writers?

    Supporting Boys’ Writing in the Early Years shows you how you can help boys to become confident and capable writers by supporting them to write in ways that make sense to them – on the move, outside and inside, in dens, in bushes, in mud, or sprawled on the floor dressed as superheroes. Drawing on four boys writing projects involving over 80 practitioners, the book reveals that a playful, child-centred approach can allow boys and girls to develop a writers’ voice and raise attainment in writing as well as enhancing all aspects of young children’s development. With a strong focus on observation-led assessment and planning, the book is full of practical ideas to improve the writing environment and provide writing opportunities that will be enjoyable and motivating for children. Featuring a wide range of case studies, it covers:

    the stages that children move through in learning to write;

    how you can change and develop your learning environments to give children inspiring resources and opportunities to write;

    helping children to find a purpose to write through their play;

    practical ways to create a partnership with parents that builds on their strengths as educators at home.

    This book will help you to create a truly enabling environment for writing and is essential reading for all those that want the children in their setting to become confident, motivated and creative writers.